HANBACK Electronics  Philosophy

Creative Educational Contents Provider

History (1984-Present)

  • 1994 Establish Hanback Optical Electronics
  • 1998 Establish Hanback Electronics Co, Ltd and R&D Center
  • 2001 ISo9001: 2000 Develop Microprocessor Trainer /Embedded System Trainer
  • 2002 IS09001: 2008 Design, Development and Manufacture of Scientific Instrument
  • and Equipment for Electric and Electronic Experiment
  • 2003 Develop Sensor Trainer(HBE-Sensor-Multi
  • 2004 Develop Advance Optical Trainer(HBE-OPT-303
  • 2005 Develop USN(Ubiquitous Sensor Network) Train
  • 2007 Develop RFID (HBE-RFID-REX)& FPGA Trainer(HBE-COMBO ll

Develop Intelligent Robot Trainer(HBE-ROBONOVA-AL, HBE-RoboCAR, HBE-KROBO)

Develop Basic Electronic Trainer(HBE-B3E, HBE-Electronic-Circuit,


Establish China Technical Ce

  • 2008 Development of And roid Trainer(1st time in Korea)

Attend World DIDAC 2008

  • 2009 Development of IT Convergence(HBE-CAN, HBE-IPTV)

Development of Green IT Trainer Platform(HBE-Green-Energy, HBE-Green- LED)

  • 2010 Attend World DIDAC 2010 GESS 2010
  • 2011 Attend Asia DIDAc 2011

Signing MoU with IOTMOE for China loT Project

Development of Dual Core Android/Embedded Trainer (HBE-SM5-S4510

Announce Balance-Robot LED Training Platform


CONTACT US_zhongshan@hanback.net /www.hanback.net



-Enable to motivate to create new one

New Technology

-New Educational Platform with

courseware by dynamic new technology


-Enfor ced Design ability for the purpose

of real industrial demand


  • 2012 Development of Quad-Core Embedded/Android Educational Platform

Educational Platform(HBE-SM7-S4412

  • 2013 Participated the Exhibition of GESS 2013 in Duba

Participated the Exhibition of World DIDAC Asia 2013 in Thailand, Bangkok

  • 2014 Development of HBE-Arduino-Sensor

Development of Basic Training Kit (HBE-COMM)

Development of HBE-RoboEX Kit

  • 2015 loT Platform(Smart, Beacon, Home)Development

Octa-core Platform(SM9-Smart)Development

Electric/Electronic/Communication Platform Development

Analog/Digital Communication Platform Development

PC-Based Control Trainer Develo

  • 2016 Development of Mobile Robot with Mecanum Wheel

Development of loT Education Platform based on Cloud Computing

Development of Hybrid Microcomputer Training System(Raspberry Pi and ARDUINO

Attend the World Education Days 2016( Bern, Switzerland)

  • 2017 Development for IoT Platform


Development for Coding Education(Arduino POKE C, Arduino Kit, Raspberry Python)

Development of Sensor Control Equipment using ARM Cortex(SMART NUCLEO)

Development of Modular Microcontroller Comprehensive Training Equipment

Development of loT education equipment using Samsung ARTIK Solution (IOT SMART ARTIK)

Development of Embedded Fusion Platform using 64bit Microprocessor(Embedded SM X)

Attend the World DIDAC 2017( Bangkok, Thailand)

  • 2018 Development of LiDAR intelligent autonomous driving (LiDAR STEERING SmartCAR)

  Development of Nvidia Artificial intelligence omnidirectional wheel(AI Nvidia RoboEX)


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