PC Base Control

  • Using Cortex A8 CPU Core 1GHz of high performance
  • Connecting with Heterogeneous Processor
  • Providing Development Environment for easy application program (Visual Studio 2008)
  • Providing 8 Sensors and Actuators as default
  • Connecting with industrial Sensors and Actuators Providing simple User Interface


It is possible to control Sensors and Actuators directly by installing 32Bit high-performance processor, based on HMI(Human Machine Interface) controlling and operating automation device Controller on a screen users can recognize easily, and operate and sense lots of peripheral devices by connection with 8Bit processor.


  • Enable to experiment lots of industrial sensors and devices, based on Embedded PC.
  • Experimented with wiring by Push Fixed Connector, enable to experiment and understand Hardware.
  • Enable to control peripheral devices by designing and extending Interface between system interfaces through heterogeneous processor.
  • Enable to design lots of circuits directly for connection by installing BreadBoard as default and connect with sensors and actuators installed as default.
  • Support of Library for easy programming of control components like Button, Timer, GPIO and Serial Communication.
  • Providing Extension port for easy hardware extension.
  • Enable to connect with Android System and Ardunio for application experiment.
  • Providing easy and convenient User Interface.
  • Extended Experiment by connection with MCU.

Configuration and Name

Block Diagram

Product Configuration

Hardware Specifications

Software Specifications

Development Environment

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