On April 26, the 76th China Education Equipment Exhibition, sponsored by China Education Equipment Industry Association and sponsored by Chongqing Education Committee and Chongqing Business Committee, was held in “Mountain City” Chongqing. The picture shows the exhibition site of QuanAi Science and Technology Exhibition Area.

Quan Ai Technologies is presenting on the exhibition site with the theme of “IT Innovation Laboratory”. Provides up to 60 overall solutions for undergraduate IT courses.

Director Zhu Jianwei of Educational Technology Equipment Center of Shanghai Education Commission and Secretary-General Wang of Shanghai Educational Equipment Association visited the booth for guidance.

Teachers and students of many colleges and universities watch our company’s lidar driverless car

Application of Artificial Intelligence Car for Beauty’s Experience and Expression Recognition

Thinking Innovation Subverts Tradition

IT Innovative Education Leads the New Trend of Educational Equipment

IT Education and Training Platform as an Essential Instruction Tool

Efforts to Promote Educational Change

We look forward to exploring with you.

Future Education Direction and Future Education Ecosphere

Quanai technology  – with AI, with the future!

May 26, China Higher Education Exhibition   QuanAI  Technology  Fuzhou  see you!

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